SIG 2022

Sig Sauer E202240B
Item #2995 SIG E202240B     2022 40 CS 12  XTRGRP
 2022 Standard 40 S&W 3.9" 10+1 Poly Grip Black              

The Sig Sauer SP2022 is the latest version of Sig's
popular polymer framed pistol and features a durable,
 lightweight and wear-resistant polymer frame with
the added tactical versatility of an integrated accessory rail.
The slide is machined from a solid block of stainless steel
and protected by Sig's black nitron finish.
The SP2022 can easily be converted from a double-action/single-action
to a double-action only configuration through
 a unique integral fire control unit.
It also features the Sig Sauer four-point safety system.
Item #2995 comes with 2 magazines instead of one and is packaged in a cardboard box.
SIG P250

SIG 250SC40B
Item # 2784      250 SUB 40 10 CSNTRN
Sig Sauer 250SC40B P250 SubCmpct 40 S&W 3.1" 9+1 Poly Grip Black Nitron        

The Sig Sauer P250 was designed specifically to address the future needs of the military,
law enforcement, and civilian shooters around the world.
The P250 is available in the most popular calibers (9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP, 380ACP).
The P250's innovative design enables the shooter to quickly remove the functional
mechanism and place it into the polymer grip of his choice. This allows an immediate
change in caliber and size (subcompact, compact and full).
After any change the pistol delivers both outstanding accuracy and reliable functionality.
Its modularity not only provides incredible ease of maintenance,
but also provides a solution for accommodating different hand sizes -
there are 6 different ergonomic combinations for each size,
accomplished by changes in grip circumference and trigger style.
The 250 modular shooting system is globally-engineered to deliver
the reliability one would expect from Sig Sauer.


<>The Ruger Single Six is a single action rimfire revolver produced by Sturm, Ruger. The Single Six was first released in June 1953.
The Single Six is currently produced as the New Model Single Six. The term "New Model" simply means that this model includes Ruger's transfer bar mechanism for increased safety, allowing one to carry the revolver safely with all 6 chambers loaded. Prior to 1973, the Single Six was produced without the transfer bar mechanism, making it less safe to carry with all six chambers loaded, and with the hammer resting on a loaded chamber. The transfer bar safety allows the weapon to fire only when the trigger has been pulled. Ruger provides the transfer bar safety upgrade free of charge for owners of any old model Single Six, though this will lower the value for those in pristine, collectable condition. This one has NOT been upgraded. $399.95



Item # 2799  180020 40 3.1 6&7R BLK
S&W 180020 M&P Shield 40 S&W 3.1" 6+1/7+1 Syn Grip Black                       

Incorporates the design features of the highly
successful M&P line of firearms. Extremely thin
and lightweight design means that it can be comfortably
carried all day. Single sided thumb safety and slide
stop maximize slimness. M&P's patented take down lever
and sear deactivation system allows for disassembly
without pulling the trigger. Chambered in 9mm and
 .40 S&W for proven stopping power.
Includes magazines SHOWN. 18 Degree grip angle for
natural point aim. Striker-fired for short and
consistent trigger pull every time.
S&W M36

S&W M36 38 SPL

The Model 36 was designed in the era just after World War II, when Smith & Wesson stopped producing war materials and resumed normal production. For the Model 36, they sought to design a weapon that could fire the more powerful .38 Special round in a small, concealable package. Since the older I-frame was not able to handle this load, a new frame was designed, which became the Smith & Wesson J-frame.

The new design was introduced at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) convention in 1950, and was favorably received. A vote was held to name the new revolver, and the name "Chief's Special" won. A three inch barreled version of this design went into production immediately, due to high demand. It was available in either a blued or nickel plated finish. It was produced as the "Chief's Special" until 1957, when it then became the Model 36. The "Chief's Special" continued to be manufactured as a separate variant.

In 1951, Smith & Wesson introduced the Airweight Model 37, which was basically the Model 36 design with an aluminum frame and cylinder. The aluminum cylinders proved to be problematic and were abandoned in favor of a steel cylinder. $OLD!!!